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Monday, October 11, 2010

When "shewi" is not referring to a chewing gum

heloo again ladies,

didnt i tell u dat im soo0 all over blogging these 24-seven today?hahaa.. im telling u now..

here, im refreshing u what ive been listening to Kursus Kahwin last Friday :

ostad              : anak-anak, kalau dh kwin nnt, jgn dok shewi sgt dgn pasangan anda.
 me                 : ( dlm ati) sounded like a dirty word to me, hehe..
ostad continue : paham tak apa tu shewi , mcm kalau ada muto baru, ampa mandi 2 kali, muto ampa mndi
                         8 kali
me                  :  dlm ati (yes, its a "whut i thought it wud b" word, genius me) hehee...

well, i am now, shewing with my bloggy thingy,(office hour td) clicking my cad files 1 time , and clicking at d baby bloggy countless time....i call these " bloggy shewing syndrome"..haha..


  1. i believe the correct ejaan is "ciwi" not "shewi"

  2. nrzard>my mistake, aku sbenarnye taram jer ejaan tu, cuba2 mengcommercializekan d ciwi clan. ..!haha...

  3. OMG enothar englsih teachar! use propel english plaesss!!!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. ermmmm...it's ok sis weather it is "shewi" or "ciwi"...there's no right or wrong answer right???erm i really wonder is there any dictionary of malay kedah language in pustaka union at d back of our house..hahahaha...the answer is NO right..so we cannot check itlh .... rasenyerlh..stakat nie x jmpa lg dictionary tue.......unless there's kepochi i dis blog....hahaha... it's ok laaling u can do it bebeh...keep it up...don't bother wit d KEPOOCHI tooo much...labiu...ups..clap plaKK...LUV U SIS... :P