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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Saturday, May 14, 2011

it;s a chicken story...

Salam my bloggy people....

im still tanding ere, guys... ( i am disregarding  my running nose and bad sore throat, for d sake of my baby blog ere...hehhee  ) 

let me break d ice for dis time.. ive been taking pics for dis entry for like 3 months back.. n now im more than ready to reveal it to ya guys...

im sure sum of u will be quite amazed by my findings..hahaa..coz  i am myself..


yes, yes, yes... its a story about  **chicken**..i m sure many of us loves cooking (spashly after becoming a wife n u own d whole kitchen yourself ) ...n chicken hav been our favrit selection for  special dishes , "gulai ayam, ayam masak lmak cili api, ayam masak lada, sop ayam, chicken chop ,  bla bla bla" juz name it, u got it..hehee.. 

but any of u have curiosity on how they processed d fresh chicken meat for us?

the story begins now.......

wonder how this happen??  

it started when Mak teh (hubs auntie, she lives in front of my in law's hse in Kg Kuala Sg Daun ) who is very kind hearted   to reward us her own ayam kampung  ( dibela sendiri di halaman  rumah )..my hubs said its one way of showing their support for my new obsession of cooking...oowwww how sweet is dat...mmuah to Mak Teh...

all has been done traditionally, the procedure, the people, the chicken...

the process begin with ~

01. Chasing the "ayam' around d neighbouring area for Sembelihan..i cudnt get a chance to take d pics but   ive  more pics to desribe other procedure...(all done by the guys)

02. Sembelih  ~ (all done by d guys)..after we manage to catch the ayam, one of the neighbour ( Pak Teh ) slaughter  the ayam himself watched by my hubster, ..he came wif a "bloodless" face as he is  a lil fella  fobia to blood...pity him.hehee.menurut ayah, ayam itu perlu  mati dengan sekali sembelihan, otherwise we
cant classify it as "halal"

03. Washing &Removing  Unwanted Parts (in local language ~ "pesiang ayam" )
      (all done by ladies )

              Mak is helping to pesiang the ayam, me~ is jaw dropping by the size os dis ayam kampung..                    tough and BIG...

04. Boiling Up  The Chicken  ( Merebus Ayam )
This is done to make it easier for the procedure of removing the chicken's fur (bulu-bulu ayam )

hubs  & Pak Teh are helping out to heat the water before we boil up the chicken in the kuali   

ayam dididihkan dalam air untuk 10 minit...

05. Removing the Fur ( Mencabut Bulu Ayam )

mari cabut bulu ayam yang masih panas..hehee   

dah nampak kulit ayam itu..

06. Cutting the meat into smaller parts..Done by my abg ipar, Abg Mie...

Yeay , chicken is ready to be cook...

sorry, my digi cam's battery went out n we didnt av any pic to share wif u guys..guna gmbar tenet jer bley?hehee..

i gez its good enuf for now...lapar lak tgk ayam neh...chiow....

XOXO to all d sexaaay ladies...jom cook sumthing special for mr Him...hehee..

Monday, May 09, 2011

hari untuk 'SUPERMUM'

salam fab people out there....

can i leave to d pics to tell d whole story  about dis entry....?heheeee

from cartoonist perspective of "supermum"

from my perspective of  "supermum"

setiap hari "supermum" sibuk melayan kerenah mereka di dalam gambar ini...tanpa mengeluh

so, today wih all d love in world, we celebrate u,our beloved supermum, UMMI @Sohaya Abu...

***berangan - mampukah saye menjadi 'supermum' suatu hari nanti? luv XOXO

Sunday, May 08, 2011

baby blog returned...

hey sweet pies...

owwhh its been like FOREVER since d last time ive updated my BABY...been married for 6 months ++ , ive been trying to get in synch wif married life ie kemas katil slpas bangun, tak boleh tangguh, mana tahu mak mentua dtg nk wat spot check, hahaa...cook n cook n cook ( i gotta update u wif my new passion -masak memasak in upcoming entries) , washing, washing washing -toilets, mangkuk dan pinggan, baju2...oowwhhh d list can be so long i dun think i av d energy to list all..(d clock's is showing 1252am, bila nk tdor ni, esk keje)

by d way, how is d new look of my baby blog?

pliz pliz pliz, yr comments is much welcomed..

happy reading, beautiful ladies....buhbye...