Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, October 25, 2010

Most Suspicious Venues..


Its been like 10 dayz since I laz updated this baby blog..
Eww..where hav I been?

Most Suspicious Venues

1)  Dapur Ummei..

     Doing what? My 1st dish of 26 years LIVING, BORN & RAISE in Taman Enggang, Alor Star.

ini bukan sekadar gambar hiasan

 Pliz ignore d unappropriate attire (sumbangan penaja since form 1) haha.
  **penaja = “my king” walid
yeah belakon salin resipi..

2)Georgetown Road Trip with Sistas

A lot of marathon and adrenaline rush involved when it comes to the Magic word **shopping** 

 Antara bibit-bibit perbualan :

*** kat Penang ja ada nih. kedah tadak..kalau x beli, nyesal nanti. (erk, logikkah? U tell me..hihii)

*** baik beli beg ni..nnt next wik dh abis stok.. (erm does it applied to new arrival?)

*** cntik la kasut ni..ada bling2..purfecct aa.kenduri nnt bleh pakai.bla bla bla..
2 drama queens chasing for burger King

3)  Tasik Jitra with Mr Him

With keropok lekor in hand, he listed out the guest of honor invited to our upcoming reception.I enjoyed sipping on d melting ice kacang..lurvly evening today..


N d list goes on & on…

eww..see u in a couple of days.

*******tick tock tick tock...tassha dh scared..***********

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Love The Rain & the Headache

1730 p.m. >>>> she realized that she will need to stay back to complete at least 50 % more.

1800 p.m.>>>>> he called her up and they promise to meet a bit later.

1900 p.m.>>>>> it was raining cats & dogs outside the workplace, and she began to feel  the headache. it's  
                         coming again after the first time she felt it in the afternoon. she text him up to meet earlier.

2000 p.m. >>>>  the road was wet, rain was about to stop , HIM & the HOT SOUP really doze off the pain. she     
                          cud  laughed and smiled again.

2100 p.m >>>>  she saw a cheese cake outlet nearby.  perhaps 1 piece for home wud b lovely, she thought.

2130p.m >>>>>  at home,  fork and spoon eating on the cake, bit by bit. As the cake finished, the whole house 
                          ready to be on their fluffy pillows, with smiling stomache..

i gotta say these " i love the Rain and The Headache"

good night everyone..

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The No Retardo Rule..

welcome back, readers..!

gasp.Yes! its retardo = strange sick people and usually very annoyance to others. JERK is their middle name.

erm how about retardos breed? WORST.They tend to bring out the worst in others (creating more jerks).

So, is there any rule to have a no retardo world?

yes, we have..

feel SORRY for them, coz they are one lil creatures that feel so bad about themselves..and lets hope they become better or at least less jerk..

the end.

Monday, October 11, 2010

When "shewi" is not referring to a chewing gum

heloo again ladies,

didnt i tell u dat im soo0 all over blogging these 24-seven today?hahaa.. im telling u now..

here, im refreshing u what ive been listening to Kursus Kahwin last Friday :

ostad              : anak-anak, kalau dh kwin nnt, jgn dok shewi sgt dgn pasangan anda.
 me                 : ( dlm ati) sounded like a dirty word to me, hehe..
ostad continue : paham tak apa tu shewi , mcm kalau ada muto baru, ampa mandi 2 kali, muto ampa mndi
                         8 kali
me                  :  dlm ati (yes, its a "whut i thought it wud b" word, genius me) hehee...

well, i am now, shewing with my bloggy thingy,(office hour td) clicking my cad files 1 time , and clicking at d baby bloggy countless time....i call these " bloggy shewing syndrome"..haha..

"Tak tih...Tak tih...."

yes, yes, im ere..believe your eyes,ladies..hehe..( GLee jumps tanda seronok)

"Tak tih, Tak Tih"

Erm...my 1st entry title sounds probably a bit weird to sum of u and to the new mummies, they might use the phrase to give lil' hope to their lil' ones in their first step of life.

For myself, I consider blogging to be my new addiction for 2010 (since 630 this evening until now`, 1220 a.m. , bontot dh keras neh dok tenggek kt krosi lama,haha) a newlyborn blogger >as i branded myown self, im kinda excited and looking forward for new findings and exploration in blogging.. and juz like small babies, it might have hiccup here & there..
so, if you dont mind, feel free to drop any comments & suggestion..im totally crossing my fingers for your feedback .

Gotta run now,readers...enjoy reading. (correction, im "tak tih"king to my bed,hehe...)