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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The No Retardo Rule..

welcome back, readers..!

gasp.Yes! its retardo = strange sick people and usually very annoyance to others. JERK is their middle name.

erm how about retardos breed? WORST.They tend to bring out the worst in others (creating more jerks).

So, is there any rule to have a no retardo world?

yes, we have..

feel SORRY for them, coz they are one lil creatures that feel so bad about themselves..and lets hope they become better or at least less jerk..

the end.


  1. haha love the conclusion, well to all retardo out there "hope u become better or at least less jerk..." hohooo zassss!!!

  2. yes the retarded people are always lost. So let them be lost in their own pathetic miserable-self hahaha

  3. awat tetiba post entry pasal retarded person?? ade point to someone ke?? sape?? ermm...

  4. yess..retardo people suck. big time.

    p/s: nazrin..u are soooo badd!! zassss!! ;p

  5. nazrin> good boy goin bad..hehe..probably we can create 1 new song out of Rihanna's..instead of hating in the club, we put it "hating in the blog"?

    farah> lost world of retardo sounds nice...

    bakiss> yeah, loud n clear..that's the way, girl..!hehe