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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Love The Rain & the Headache

1730 p.m. >>>> she realized that she will need to stay back to complete at least 50 % more.

1800 p.m.>>>>> he called her up and they promise to meet a bit later.

1900 p.m.>>>>> it was raining cats & dogs outside the workplace, and she began to feel  the headache. it's  
                         coming again after the first time she felt it in the afternoon. she text him up to meet earlier.

2000 p.m. >>>>  the road was wet, rain was about to stop , HIM & the HOT SOUP really doze off the pain. she     
                          cud  laughed and smiled again.

2100 p.m >>>>  she saw a cheese cake outlet nearby.  perhaps 1 piece for home wud b lovely, she thought.

2130p.m >>>>>  at home,  fork and spoon eating on the cake, bit by bit. As the cake finished, the whole house 
                          ready to be on their fluffy pillows, with smiling stomache..

i gotta say these " i love the Rain and The Headache"

good night everyone..

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